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A free, non-profit platform to pour your heart out.

In these unprecedented and trying times where we all see one another battling with grief, apprehension, and uncertainty, PressUnstress understands how imperative it is for individuals like you and us to make ourselves heard and acknowledged. With the same aim, our new initiative “Talk It Out”attempts to listen, understand and acknowledge the struggles and impediments that this pandemic has brought upon people across the nation. 

At PressUnstress, we have trained over 20 volunteers with a background in the discipline of Psychology with Active Listening skills that enable them to hear out, empathize and reflect on the mental and emotional turmoils that the pandemic has inflicted on so many of us. Through amplification on multiple social media platforms, we have managed to inculcate a sense of trust and belief in our service. We have been receiving regular calls and our volunteers have been attending to them since the 23rd of May when the platform was first launched. 


Our team consists of our founder and Psychologist Ms. Chinar Kapur,  volunteer coordinators/interns, and around 20 volunteers who have been working endlessly in allotted slots to the best of their ability, lending listening ears to those who need it. Our team has also been working as mediators connecting the people in need to our listeners.

As a mental health professional, Chinar believes in the importance of listening. Amidst the mental health pandemic looming in our country, she realized that not everyone requires counselling or therapy, some people just need a confidential, non-judgemental space to express themselves which in itself can be empowering enough.


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