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Rising stress among class 12 students due to Covid-19

Hey, the 12th class batch of 2020. Are you stuck in 12th since last 1.5 years? With shattered dreams? Ruined college plans? With despair rather than hope? Waiting from last 3 months for news of the exams? Don’t know what to do? Do you feel anxious or stressed? Do you miss having a purpose? While other students, whether college or school students are having their online classes, do you feel unproductive?

And that frustration becomes even bigger when people speak statements like: “rising covid-19 cases, extended lockdown, locust attacks, cyclone storm, Indo-China skirmishes, we’ve got bigger problems than this to be worried about”

Does this statement by people around you annoys and stresses you? No one trying to understand you?

Ok Ok Ok, Take 10 deep breaths,calm down.

So you aren’t alone and in fact being a part of this year’s batch makes you lucky.

Wait, what? How are we lucky? What makes us lucky? Having no surety of the exams, results, college admissions, our career and future being uncertain and it makes us lucky?

Well, yes! While all others are busy with their online classes accustomed to their “new virtual daily college routine”, you’ve got a chance to look around, no no wait, let me rephrase, you’ve got a chance to look within, to introspect.

It’s time to explore the world of creativity, of imagination, of embracing the hidden gems that are within you, of exploring your passion, your purpose and then look around for opportunities that the education system restricted you from.

In other words, let’s focus on those aspects of ourselves that we never even thought about.

Let’s pick up some skills that you always wanted to learn. Researchers have found that learning makes people happy, it makes the brain healthier. This is an opportunity for you to acquire and master a skill of your own interest. Why not take up something you have always thought of doing? Learning to play an instrument, coding, graphic designing and many other courses. Some online workshops, internships are also a great opportunity.

Along with these skills, let’s have a look at other ones too. Life skills, the skills that will increase the well being and the ability for adaptive and positive behaviour that will enable you to deal effectively with demands and challenges of the current situation.

This situation has been quite stressful, It has created a lot of panic, pressure and frustration for the current batch.

So to cope with all this,some techniques like: relaxation techniques, meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, creative visualization, mandala art circles etc are best known to counterbalance and even bust the stress.

Not only this, taking on a hobby like gardening, cooking, dancing, singing, painting, writing, hand lettering and a lot of fun stuff that often got neglected due to your hectic board exams. Remember how badly you missed doing all these activities while you were studying for boards? So don’t miss the chance and grab this wonderful opportunity to rediscover what you like.

Another way to keep yourself mentally healthy and positive is by engaging in a positive and healthy self talk. The talk that goes through your head should be positive, realistic and healthy. Your healthy cognitions decide your healthy behaviour.

Facing the new normal can be a bit difficult, but you’ll get through all of this. Remember how you dealt with problems in the past and stood out like a warrior? You’ll deal with this too, you are strong, you are brave and you’ll get the best.

So, go forth with pride, collect your courage, rediscover and relive this year, let this lockdown be an opportunity, a once in a lifetime chance, to look around and look within.

~Jasmine Kaur

Content writer


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