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Everything you seek is already within you. 



To make treatment accesible and holistic for everyone in need.


To break the stigma associated with Mental Health


Deep Commitment to the principle of Non-Disclosure Agreement



Chinar Kapur 


My mantra of therapy is to provide a safe and accepting environment for my clients from where they can explore their strength, goals and identity. In a comfortable setting that is both warm and relaxed, I encourage clients to talk about their “world”. I collaborate with them to explore their past and present along with their goals and strategies to help them break free from their unhelpful patterns. I believe therapy works best when clients feel listened to….really listened too. When this occurs a strong therapeutic alliance is formed between the therapist and the client and many levels of healing are possible. Ambitions may be discovered or recovered, losses and sorrows may be grieved for the first time or for the 1,000th time, and self-awareness and self-esteem can emerge out of it


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Shayna, 33 years

"Chinar, a referral is the least I can do for everything you have done for me. I have come a long way and I have you to

thank for it."


Aditi, 22 years

"Chinar is a warm and passionate person. She is very easy to talk to. I am going to recommend her to everyone

I know."


Ankush, 28 years

"Chinar is action-oriented. She listens extensively and does not provide solutions by the book. She collaborated with me to find solutions that work

best for me."

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